A new era Begins …

with the reopening of its renovated head office !

15 December 2023

A new era Begins …

After long months of work, La Maisonnée is about to mark a major turning point in its history with the long-awaited reopening of its completely renovated head office. We are impatient and full of great energy and will be there to welcome you!

December 19, 2023 will mark the day when this organization dedicated to supporting immigrants in their integration journey will once again open its doors to:

  • 6865 Ave Christophe-Colomb, Montreal (Quebec) H2S 2H3.


An inspiring transformation

The renovation of La Maisonnée’s head office is not simply aesthetic, it reflects a renewed vision and a continued commitment to the immigrant community discovering Quebec. Welcoming spaces, modern facilities and cutting-edge technologies have been integrated to offer an environment even more conducive to personal development and successful integration.

Improved services

With this reopening, La Maisonnée also announces an expansion of its services. Are planned: a youth zone, a collective kitchen space and a daycare will now be available to meet the diverse needs of immigrants and our employees. The objective is to create a multifunctional center with around forty services under the same roof, thus facilitating a smooth transition to life within the host society.

Invitation to the community

La Maisonnée – Aid to Immigrants, extends a warm invitation to the local community to join in rediscovering these premises. It is an opportunity to discover the new facilities, to meet the dedicated La Maisonnée team, and to celebrate together the diversity that makes our community rich.

Conclusion: A new page of history

The reopening of La Maisonnée’s renovated headquarters marks the beginning of an exciting and promising chapter in the history of this dedicated organization. By creating a dynamic and inclusive space, La Maisonnée continues to play an essential role in welcoming and integrating newcomers. 2024 will undoubtedly be a year of joy, hope and celebration for all those who support this noble cause.


In 2024 we will see to offering several large-scale events, directly at the head office; Including an official inauguration ceremony, which will be an opportunity to celebrate this memorable milestone, as well as the usual conferences, general assembly, etc. Local figures, government officials and community members will be invited to attend these significant events. Inspiring speeches, cultural performances and guided tours of the new headquarters will be on the program.

Please note that during the holiday period La Maisonnée will close its doors from December 22, 2023 to January 7, 2024 inclusive.

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About us :

La Maisonnée is a non-profit community organization that offers collective and individual services in terms of reception and socio-professional integration. Above all, she supports newcomers in all stages of their establishment, as well as in their employment procedures in Quebec. Each year, La Maisonnée welcomes and supports around 22,000 arrivals, all statuses combined.

La Maisonnée raises awareness among both the host society and immigrants about the principles and advantages of living together and strengthening social bonds. Open since March 1979, La Maisonnée worked from the start to enable the integration of immigrants and their development in this area. Discover our many services and monthly activities !

Welcome home, your new adventure begins here!

Ines Bouteiller - Communication manager