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Employment assistance services

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Immigration & Settling

This component offers you, as a newcomer, support adapted to your situation to allow you to live your arrival in Quebec in the best possible conditions. We offer support services for immigration, settlement, and integration into the host society. If you have legal difficulties, we can also assist you in several steps.

Francization & Language courses

In your workplace or in your daily life, knowledge of French is a must in Quebec. The courses, conversation workshops and leisure activities offered by La Maisonnée are spaces to learn, practice French and promote the language.

Support for youth & families

If you have problems with your school situation, at home, or in general health our services can help you! We offer adapted programs to facilitate the integration of young people in their school environment or in their neighbourhood, exchange workshops between parents to adapt to the new socio-cultural context and support as needed.

Community life

Community life is inseparable from everyday life and social life and this gives it its full meaning in Quebec. It helps to forge links between newcomers and the host society. Various activities are organized to promote integration and inclusion, especially through volunteering!

Employment & Educational assistance

Our employment counsellors help you as a newcomer to identify your transferable skills, deal with cultural and professional realities here and abroad, and manage the order of priorities in the installation and integration process. They guide you in reshaping your professional profile, putting you back on a well-defined track, with the ultimate goal of job placement.

If your professional objective requires a return to studies, our counsellors provide you with the necessary information for the choice of appropriate training, the path to follow for registration to professional orders, general training, support and upgrading, subsidized training, loans and scholarships, etc.


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