About us

La Maisonnée is a non-profit community organization that offers collectives and individual services in terms of reception and socio-professional integration. It especially support newcomers in all stages of their settlement, as well as in their employment process in Quebec.

Each year, La Maisonnée welcomes and support approximately 22 000 newcomers, regardless of their status. 

La Maisonnée raises awareness for both the host society and immigrants about the principles and benefits of living together and strengthening the social bond. Open since March 1979, La Maisonnée has been mobilized from the start to allow integration ant development of immigrants in this territory.

About us About us

These are all stories of encounters with Quebec that are written every day.

Our missions

Make all resident – old, new and by birth – a full citizen.

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Thanks to all our funders 2022-2023
for their renewed trust

Borough deputy – Volunteer Support Program

Ministry of Immigration Francisation and Integration

Centraide of the Greater Montreal

Ministry of justice

Regroupement des Organismes en Francisation du Québec
Emploi Québec, Montreal Island Regional Office and Local Employment Center of Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie

Hydro-Québec | Aid for allophones

Ministry of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
Emploi Québec, Montreal Island Regional Office and Local Employment Center of Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie

Centraide of the Greater Montreal

Caisses du Coeur de L’île – The Federation des caisses Desjardins du Québec (FCDQ)

Ministry of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Borough deputy – Volunteer Support Program Ministry of Immigration Francisation and Integration

Ministry of justice

Table de concertation des Organismes aux Services des Réfugiés Immigrants – T.C.R.I.

Leader's words

Guy Drudi and Wadih Karam

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

La Maisonnée's vision

La Maisonnée was created in 1979 in order to help newcomers and their families to settle, adapt and integrate into Quebec. La Maisonnée is a meeting and solidarity place that reaches more than 20 000 immigrants annually. Many of these people have testified throughout these years that it is within La Maisonnée that they acquired skills that enabled them to develop and participate fully in Quebec society while rooting the future of their children.


Our commitment is to build together an intercultural, francophone, confident and welcoming Quebec.


We would like to thank and congratulate the entire La Maisonnée’s team for the quality of their work. Our thanks also go to the members of our board of directors and the 60 volunteers who accompany us every year at La Maisonnée, who do a remarkable and selfless job. What they do with us every day is enormous.

We would also like to thank all our donors and all those who have supported La Maisonnée, including the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration (MIFI), the Centraide of Greater Montreal, the Île-de-Montréal Regional Office of Emploi Québec, as well as all the other partners and the Ville of Montreal.


Programs and projects.


Tables, groups and committees at the local, regional and national level.


Persons have participated in our activities at La Maisonnée.


Job placements each year.


Volunteers that do over 4 800 volunteer hours per year.


Persons have been supported in their accommodation search.


Interns who contribute with 1 691 hours of internship.


Annual information sessions.

Members of the Board of Directors

The board of directors shall ensure that the Corporation is properly managed and operated in accordance with the objectives set out in the statutes and regulations.

The involvement of board members is reflected in many of La Maisonnée’s files, including participation on numerous staff selection committees.

The board is involved in the development of the organization, in the direction of improving the material and salary conditions of employees, in the representation of La Maisonnée before political and administrative authorities and more.

Members of the <b>Board of Directors</b>

The members

Guy Drudi

President and one of the founding members of La Maisonnée

Stéphanie Levert


Habib El Hage


Michèle Douyon


Nicole Therrien


Mazen Houdeib


Mireille Mirambeau

Representation and Training Coordinator

Wadih Karam

General Director

Code of ethics of users

Take care of others

  • Respect for the person

  • Integrity and professionalism

  • Stewardship and public interest advocacy

Comply with schedules

  • Valuing other people’s time: arrive on time and respect the appointments

  • If you expect to be late, notify the advisor

Behave professionally

  • Commitment to excellence

  • Professional, clear, respectful and civil communication

Respect the staff

  • Stay alert, turn off your cellphones and any other distracting devices to keep the intervention smoothly

  • All forms of violence are categorically rejected, unacceptable and prohibited

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