The Intercultural Duo of La Maisonnée

A path towards inclusion

15 September 2023

The Intercultural Duo of La Maisonnée

In an increasingly diverse world, mutual understanding between cultures is essential. It is with this in mind that La Maisonnée, an organization dedicated to supporting immigrants, created the “Intercultural Duo” project. Subsidized by the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration (MIFI) as part of the Integration Accompaniment and Support Program (PASI), this project aims to forge strong links between new arrivals and welcoming Quebecers.

Objective of the Intercultural Duo:

At the heart of the Intercultural Duo project is the desire to promote diversity and inclusion and above all to allow newcomers to create a new social circle by discovering local culture. It offers the opportunity for participants to share their respective knowledge and cultures. For newcomers, welcoming Quebecers become guides to the host society, sharing their experiences and knowledge.


The advantages of intercultural rapprochement!

Participating in the Intercultural Duo has many advantages, both for newcomers and those welcoming:

  • Active practice of the French language.
  • Acquisition of new knowledge and development of social networks.
  • In-depth discovery of Quebec society and culture.
  • Practical advice on lifestyle in Quebec.
  • Fight against social isolation.
  • Active contribution to the socio-professional integration of newcomers.


Selection of duets:

Duos are formed based on several criteria:

  • Shared needs, expectations and motivation.
  • Availability of each person, taking into account schedules and flexible hours.
  • Geographic proximity to allow in-person or virtual meetings, taking place once or twice a month.
  • Compatibility between participants.


Diversity of activities offered:

Duos have the freedom to organize a variety of activities, whether they take place online or in person. The possibilities are endless: collective cooking, online escape challenges, outdoor hikes, winter sports, museum visits, subway explorations, and much more.


Participating in the Intercultural Duo is an opportunity for mutual enrichment and building valuable intercultural bridges. Join us to promote harmonious integration within our diverse community.


Contribute to a two-person integration!

If you are enthusiastic about the idea of participating in this mutual integration experience, do not hesitate to contact the dedicated speakers:

  • Béatrice Jean-Baptiste, Community Worker

o Tel. : 514-271-3533 (ext. 251)

o Email:

  • Victoria Niyazov, Community Life Coordinator

o Tel. : 514-271-3533 (ext. 288)

o Email:

By Inès Bouteiller, Communications Manager