Our team

La Maisonmée’s team is pleased to welcome you and assist you in all your needs. We are dynamic, involved and, above all, passionate about what we do! Let us guide and accompany you with professionalism and kindness.

Our team

Our warm welcome is representative of our values and those of Quebec!

Corporate culture

Solidarity is our motto!

We are committed to highlighting the services we offer as much as each employee who is part of our big family at La Maisonnée and who help us keep building this organization through his human and professional qualities. Our multidisciplinary and multi-ethnic team offers listening and assistance in several languages ​​in a warm and humane environment.

Corporate culture

Our team

General Management

Jo-Ann Laporte

Adjointe de direction et responsable du Service Administratif


Welcome and Integration division

Hameza Othman

Responsable du Service Accueil et Intégration


Zina Laadj

Coordonnatrice principale, Adjointe au Service Accueil et Intégration


Adja Angely Gaye

Secrétaire du Service Accueil et Intégration


Victoria Niyazov

Responsable vie communautaire et loisirs


Marie-Charlotte Staco Jean

Coordonnatrice des activités individuelles (Volets 1a et 2a du PASI)


Employability division

Paola Amariles

Cheffe de Service employabilité


Mireille Mirambeau

Représentante des employés, Coordinatrice Représentation et formations


Andrés Petro

Conseiller en emploi-placement


Basma Mestaouhid

Conseillère en emploi-placement Niveau I


Meriam Laayad

Conseillère en emploi-placement


Aleida Salmerón

Conseillère en emploi – placement


Career and internship

Agent.e aux communications

Intervenant.e social.e

Conseiller.ère en emploi – placement