women’s committee

Active participation of women in La Maisonnée.

07 February 2024

women’s committee

At the heart of La Maisonnée's commitment to new arrivals, a committee dedicated to women was formed, bringing together SAI workers and SAE employment advisors. We warmly invite women to get involved in this committee as active participants, in order to co-construct workshops and activities that specifically meet their needs.

women’s committee

The mandate of this committee is centered on several axes:

  • 1. Sharing resources and expertise
    The committee aims to strengthen the mission of La Maisonnée by facilitating the sharing of resources and expertise. This is achieved through the creation of practical tools, such as the women’s resource kit, thus promoting the autonomy of immigrant women.
  • 2. Support for citizen participation
    The committee is committed to supporting immigrant women towards active civic participation. “Empowerment” and anti-discrimination strategies are implemented, including information sessions on the services and resources available, as well as the creation of discussion spaces, workshops, and cultural outings promoting exchange and mutual understanding.
  • 3. Support for the implementation of projects dedicated to women
    The committee is mobilizing to support the realization of projects specific to women at La Maisonnée. This includes researching funding opportunities, writing funding applications, and bringing projects to fruition aimed at strengthening the well-being and autonomy of women within their new community.
  • 4. Integration facilitated by cultural outings with La Maisonnée.


At La Maisonnée, we understand that integration is not limited only to administrative aspects, but also includes cultural and leisure aspects. This is why we also offer dedicated support to women through carefully planned cultural outings. These outings aim to facilitate their integration into the host society by promoting the discovery of new cultural and leisure horizons.
Participating in these outings allows immigrant women to create connections, exchange experiences, and immerse themselves in the local social fabric. These moments of escape contribute not only to personal enrichment, but also to strengthening the feeling of belonging to their new community. At La Maisonnée, we believe in the importance of these experiences to build bridges between cultures and encourage positive interactions within the diversity that characterizes Canada. We are determined to support each woman in her integration journey in a holistic manner, taking into account all the dimensions that contribute to a fulfilling life within the welcoming society.

Welcome everyone!

We encourage all interested women to join this dynamic committee, share their ideas and actively participate in building an environment that is inclusive and supportive of the specific needs of immigrant women at La Maisonnée. Together, we can create meaningful and impactful initiatives for everyone.


For more information, you can contact: or by telephone at 514 271 3533.
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By Inès Bouteiller, Communications Manager