Together, let’s create a welcoming space for young people at La Maisonnée.

Welcome to La Maisonnée youth services!

03 October 2023

Together, let’s create a welcoming space for young people at La Maisonnée.

La Maisonnée is launching a vibrant appeal for the generosity of the community to create a space dedicated to youth. This place will serve as a setting for various activities, ranging from homework help to French discussion circles, information workshops and much more.

We need your help, whether by mobilizing your resources or donating some of your time. Together, we can create a welcoming environment that will promote the development of young people.

List of Items Wanted: We are asking for donations of equipment in good condition to equip this youth area.

  • Sofas and poufs
  • Coffee machine
  • Board games
  • Library
  • Books
  • Storage cabinet with lock
  • Television or computer
  • Console and video games (Switch, Ps4, Ps5, etc.)
  • Musical instruments (guitar, keyboard, etc.)
  • Air hockey table
  • Others
How to contribute?

If you would like to support, please email a photo and description of your donation. If the item meets our needs, we will schedule an appointment for pickup. In addition, we are looking for volunteers to help us transport the equipment. Send us a message to volunteer! Contact Jacinthe Saraphina at or at 514-360-4381 ext. 265.

*Important note: Please do not drop off items directly to the organization. For other types of donations, we can act as an intermediary with families in need who settle in Montreal, but we do not have storage space.


Do you know the services of the Youth section?

The youth component of La Maisonnée is an initiative dedicated to the development and integration of children, adolescents and young adults from immigrant backgrounds. It includes a variety of programs and activities aimed at supporting them at school and during vacations, as well as helping them in their learning of French and their integration process.

Lots of help is available!

Homework help and volunteering:

Homework help is an essential component of the program to support the francization and sociocultural integration of adolescents enrolled in secondary school reception classes. Speakers, helped by volunteers and student interns, support these young people throughout the school year.


Collective activities:

Collective activities and information sessions are organized within our organization or in other locations at the convenience of participants. These activities in the form of coffee meetings, discussion circles, outings, workshops or community involvement projects, make it possible to address specific issues such as education, the lives of adolescents in a new socio-cultural context. , family relationships, the question of identity in complete freedom. The goal of these meetings is to transmit information on the support services offered by La Maisonnée as well as those of other institutions in Quebec and to encourage young people to participate in their new environment.



This innovative program supports young people aged 14 to 25* in their integration journey. It offers comprehensive and personalized support, including job search assistance as well as sporting and cultural activities.

*The statuses of young people accepted for this specific project are as follows: permanent residents, accepted refugees as well as naturalized citizens, temporary workers and foreign students.

Day camp :

During the summer, La Maisonnée organizes a day camp for young people aged 6 to 16 from families who have recently arrived in Quebec or benefit from La Maisonnée’s services. They have the opportunity to practice French, socialize and discover Montreal through various activities supervised by instructors.

Your involvement can make a significant difference in the lives of young people at La Maisonnée.

For more information on these services, please contact Aline Boire at 514-360-4381 – Ext. 261 or at

By Inès Bouteiller, Communications Manager