Do you want a great professional career?

Discover the many employment and education assistance services for immigrants in Montreal

04 October 2023

Do you want a great professional career?

Are you an immigrant looking to integrate into the Quebec job market? Do not look any further ! La Maisonnée offers you a complete range of specialized services designed to guide you at each stage of your professional journey.

In October, we are present at the Job and Continuing Training Fair at the Palais des Congrès as well as at the National Job Fair at the Olympic Stadium! We will present to you the employment and placement opportunities, as well as the integration support services that La Maisonnée can offer you. We also offer two free new conferences on site, join us.

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Here is an overview of the many free employment assistance services that we offer at La Maisonnée.


Job placement & orientation:

At La Maisonnée, Specialized Employment Assistance Services stand out as an essential external partner of Services-Québec (Emploi-Québec). These services, completely free, are provided by experienced advisors who are committed to obtaining concrete results for immigrants.

Counseling and career guidance:

Need personalized support in your job or training search? Our advisors are there for you. They will evaluate your academic and professional background, help you create an impactful professional profile, and guide you in writing a tailor-made CV. In addition, they will assist you in accessing regulated professions and prepare you for civil service exams, all free of charge.

Maintaining employment:

In the event of difficulties in your current job, we support you for four months in collaboration with your employer. We intervene to resolve integration, inclusion, or professional training problems, all at no cost.

Workshops, webinars and job search assistance activities:

We offer a variety of workshops to make your job search easier. These sessions, led by specialists by teleconference or in person, will guide you at each stage of your journey. Check our calendar for upcoming workshops available.

Visits and services to businesses:

Whether you are a company looking for candidates or a job seeker, we have solutions for you. We offer services such as searching for candidates, creating databases, organizing interviews, and much more. In addition, we offer on-site inclusion training for leaders, managers and human resources.

Working in Quebec:

We will guide you to understand the Quebec job market, in particular by informing you about the companies that are recruiting, the sectors in demand, seasonal jobs, and much more. Check our calendar for upcoming workshops available.

Communication – Customs, customs and cultural conduct in the Quebec professional environment:

If you want to better understand Quebec professional culture, our workshops offer you valuable insight on topics such as work behavior, communication, and managing expectations. Check our calendar for upcoming workshops available.

Special projects:

Your CV is a crucial element in your job search. Our team will guide you to review and personalize it to increase your chances of success. Check our calendar for upcoming workshops available. In addition, the PAAS project is intended for people far from the labor market and aims to prepare them for an employability measure or action. It includes preparatory, personalized learning, and recreational-cultural activities. To find out more about the AGIR project – relaunching critical skills and IT, contact us.


Whether you are looking for a job, training, or want to develop your professional skills, La Maisonnée is here to support you at every stage of your journey. Take the first step towards a fulfilling career in Quebec!


By Inès Bouteiller, Communications Manager