Memorable Intercultural Celebration

the year 2023 ended in style for La Maisonnée.

12 January 2024

Memorable Intercultural Celebration

On December 8, 2023, La Maisonnée, a community organization dedicated to supporting and accompanying immigrants, orchestrated an unforgettable intercultural celebration that ended the year in style. This event, marked by conviviality and diversity, brought together families who came to share precious moments in a warm atmosphere. A dazzling spectacle and a delectable feast

The evening began with a breathtaking performance highlighting the varied talents of members of the community. Dance, music and artistic expressions have created a vibrant symphony celebrating the richness of diverse backgrounds and talents. Laughter and applause resonated in the room, creating a magical atmosphere.
Gastronomy was in the spotlight with an exquisite meal, composed of traditional dishes from the four corners of the world. This culinary diversity not only awakened the taste buds, but also symbolized unity beyond borders.

The magic of Christmas for young and old

The children were the guests of honor, with the generous distribution of gifts, making their eyes shine with wonder and joy. This enchanted interlude strengthened the feeling of belonging and sharing within La Maisonnée, and allowed new arrival families to integrate into their new community in Montreal with warm festive events.
Thanks to the Caisse du Coeur de l’Île Desjardins. A huge thank you to the Caisse du Coeur de l’Île Desjardins for its financial contribution which made this memorable celebration possible. Their continued support is a cornerstone of our major projects and allows La Maisonnée to continue its mission with passion and dedication.

A new chapter in our renovated premises

Since our return to the renovated premises at 6865 avenue Christophe Colomb, the positive momentum has continued. Language classes have resumed with full force, providing participants with an essential opportunity to improve their language skills in French and English. The varied activities to help with employment integration are increasing, in particular with webinars and workshops which are expected to be numerous from January.

Finally, La Maisonnée continues to welcome and spread joy with leisure and integration projects such as intercultural duos or shared housing, promoting the harmonious integration of our members into Quebec society. Individual and collective support remain at the heart of our commitments, ready to support all those who pass through our doors. The House continues to connect, inspire and move forward together towards a promising future.

Join us in this ongoing adventure, where every day is an opportunity to grow, learn and celebrate the diversity that makes La Maisonnée strong.

See all photos of the event HERE

La Maisonnée and its entire team wish you our best wishes for 2024!

By Inès Bouteiller, Communications Manager