Prepare for your arrival in Montreal this summer!

Discover how La Maisonnée facilitates the integration of immigrants in Montreal

30 May 2024

Prepare for your arrival in Montreal this summer!

Montreal, a city where history and culture blend seamlessly on its cobblestone streets, has long been a magnet for newcomers from around the world. From its ancient neighborhoods steeped in history to its lively festivals celebrating arts, music and gastronomy, Montreal offers an incomparable cultural experience where the past and the present dance together. But for those who choose this city as their new home, integration can sometimes be a challenge.
This is where La Maisonnée comes in. Located in the heart of this vibrant metropolis, La Maisonnée offers a full range of support services to immigrants, all free, aimed at facilitating their transition and integration into Montreal society. Whether for administrative immigration procedures, finding accommodation, learning the language or even employment assistance, La Maisonnée is there every step of the way.

A warm welcome and valuable support

Newcomers often face a myriad of challenges when settling into a new city. La Maisonnée offers invaluable support through its immigration and settlement services. From personalized one-on-one meetings to group information sessions, each newcomer receives individual attention to meet their specific needs. In addition, specialized workshops such as those on obtaining citizenship or support for international students are available to facilitate these important transitions.

A roof and roots

Finding housing can be one of the most pressing concerns for newcomers. La Maisonnée offers valuable assistance in finding accommodation, including accommodation options through shared accommodation. Information sessions on access to social housing are also available for those who need it.

Financial and tax support

La Maisonnée understands that financial stability is crucial for successful integration. This is why it offers services such as tax clinics, mediation with Hydro-Québec and defense of rights. In addition, sessions on family economics and personal finances, in partnership with Desjardins, help newcomers navigate the Quebec financial system.

Language learning and francization

Mastery of the language is essential to fully integrate into a new society. La Maisonnée offers French classes as well as conversation workshops to help immigrants become familiar with the local language and culture. English lessons and multilingual help are also available for those looking to perfect their language skills.

Support for families and young people

The Household is not limited to individuals; she is also committed to supporting immigrant families and young people. Academic support services, day camps, parent circles and youth programs provide comprehensive support to help families settle in and thrive in their new lives in Montreal.

Welcome to the community

Finally, La Maisonnée facilitates social integration through a range of community activities, including thematic and cultural outings as well as intercultural duos, thus promoting exchanges and links between newcomers and the local community.

In short, La Maisonnée is much more than a simple service provider; it’s a gateway to a new life in Montreal. Thanks to its unwavering commitment to integration and its range of comprehensive and free services, La Maisonnée transforms the arrival of immigrants in Montreal into a truly enriching stage of change. Whether this summer or at any time of the year, La Maisonnée opens its doors wide to welcome and support those who choose Montreal as their new home.


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By Inès Bouteiller, Communications Manager