Get involved and make a Donation to La Maisonnée

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17 November 2023

Get involved and make a Donation to La Maisonnée

Welcome to La Maisonnée, a community organization dedicated to supporting and integrating immigrants into our social fabric. As the holidays approach, there's no better time to share love and generosity with those who need it most. Find out how you can get involved and donate to bring warmth and support to new members of our Quebec community.

  1. Understand La Maisonnée and its commitment to immigrants

Before making a donation or getting involved, take the time to understand the mission and objectives of La Maisonnée towards immigrants. We actively work to create opportunities for integration, emotional support and access to the resources necessary to make each newcomer feel at home. Explore our website to learn more about our specific programs for immigrants.

Our mission is to make every resident – old, new and born – a full citizen. We support and help new arrivals to Quebec in all their settlement and immigration procedures, whether it involves helping them with administrative procedures, assistance in finding accommodation, food aid, activities of leisure and social integration, youth assistance, access to health care, French or English language courses, job search, training, studies, etc.



  1. Volunteering for successful integration

Your commitment to immigrants can take the form of specific volunteering focused on integration. Whether it is to help with language courses, offer mentoring to foreign students, help with the end-of-year intercultural party, participate in food aid every week, or simply to share moments of conviviality, your time can have a significant impact on the lives of newcomers.


Find out more about volunteering:



  1. Make a Monetary Donation for a Warm Christmas

As the holidays approach, consider making a monetary donation to provide a warm Christmas for the immigrant families we support. Financial donations help provide festive meals, gifts and experiences that create lasting memories. Visit our online donations page to participate in this festive initiative and share the holiday joy.

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  1. Share the Spirit of Generosity

During this special time of year, share Quebec’s spirit of generosity by raising awareness of our cause. Follow us on social media, share our stories and encourage your loved ones to join you in making a difference. Each of us can help create a welcoming and inclusive community.


In conclusion, your support and generosity are the key to building a supportive and warm future for the immigrants we welcome. Whether through volunteering, monetary donations or by sharing our mission, every gesture counts. Join us today to make this holiday season a time of sharing and inclusion.


By Inès Bouteiller, Communications Manager