Apple picking event !

Discover autumn in Quebec with La Maisonnée!

10 October 2023

Apple picking event !

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Fall in Quebec is a magnificent season, nothing better than an apple picking outing with family or friends. This year, La Maisonnée has invited you for a memorable day at the Pommeraie d’Or. On the program we had: apple picking, outdoor adventure and delicious local products.

Apple picking

The star of the day is of course apple picking at the famous Pommeraie d’or. Participants were able to explore their beautiful orchards, where they could choose from a variety of succulent apples and fill their bag with 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of fresh apples, to enjoy or cook delicious pies and compotes at home.


For the youngest (and the young at heart), the play park at Pommeraie d’or was the ideal place to have fun. Slides, swings and other equipment provided additional hours of outdoor fun for the little ones.


Families and participants in this beautiful Quebec getaway were able to meet the adorable feathered and furry animals in the Pommeraie d’or mini-farm, an educational part promoting the discovery of Quebec wildlife.

Corn maze

For the adventurers, it was a question of testing their sense of direction in the corn maze! It’s a fun challenge for everyone! provided you are smart enough to get out of it.

Tractor ride

To get around and get there, they were able to relax and relax while enjoying the view during a tractor ride through the Golden Apple Grove. It was a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Quebec countryside, enjoying the beautiful fall colors and the peaceful setting of nature.

Local products from Quebec!

In addition to bags of apples, participants also had the opportunity to leave with local products from Quebec, and to discover the multiple variations of products that could be made with apples. They supported our local farmers by purchasing fresh, delicious produce that reflects the province’s rich culinary culture.



“Having arrived in Canada for barely a week, I let myself be tempted by the apple picking activity organized by the household.
On a beautiful sunny Sunday, I had the pleasure of exploring the golden apple grove in the company of 4 South Americans, immigrants just like me. Together, we toured the activities offered by the pommerai d’or (tractor ride, corn maze tour, friendly lunch, visit to the animal farm, discovery and purchase of different products made from of apples and apple picking on the expanse of the orchard). I am divided from this apple picking outing, culturally and humanly enriched. With a head full of beautiful memories, I’m ready to do it again! » – Elisa Nkoum: new arrival.

“The traditional Maisonnée apple picking outing was once again a wonderful experience for our participants this year. For my part, this was my third self-picking experience but the first with the Maisonnée. We were treated to a warm sunny day for the occasion. All the participants we accompanied were delighted with the setting offered by the Pommerai d’Or. They had free time for 4 hours to walk in the orchards, taste and pick apples, visit the animal farm and the maze. I particularly fell in love with the picnic area set up at the entrance to the orchards under marquees. It was very pleasant to be able to dine there and taste the essential apple donuts made on site. Between adults or families, self-picking is a wonderful activity to do in autumn in Quebec. » – Anne-Virginie Boise: social worker.

This is how this beautiful Sunday in the sun ended at the Pommeraie d’or for a day of fun, food and outdoor adventures. It was the perfect opportunity to create family memories while celebrating apple season and the beauty of Quebec culture.


You can discover some photos of the event in our photo gallery here :

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By Inès Bouteiller, Communications Manager