Celebrating Harmony and Diversity

Festive Potluck at La Maisonnée

22 September 2023

Celebrating Harmony and Diversity

At La Maisonnée, we believe in the strength of diversity, in the richness of cultural exchanges and in inclusion. To celebrate these values that are close to our hearts, we recently organized a festive event which brought together our colleagues in an atmosphere of conviviality and sharing. The highlight of the day? Our annual potluck, where flavors from around the world come together for a memorable feast.

A feast of flavors and cultures

The annual La Maisonnée potluck is much more than just a shared meal. It is an opportunity for our colleagues, from diverse cultural backgrounds, to showcase their culinary talents by presenting typical dishes from their country of origin. From exotic perfumes to familiar flavors, our table was a real taste world tour.

The spirit of sharing and collaboration

This potluck is not only about delicious food, it also embodies the spirit of sharing and collaboration that reigns within our team. Everyone contributed to the event by bringing their favorite dish, creating a diverse and unforgettable culinary experience.

Strengthen connections beyond work

More than just a lunch break, this event strengthened the bonds between our colleagues. We shared stories, laughs and secret recipes. This has allowed us to better understand and appreciate the different cultures that make up our team, thus strengthening our unity and solidarity.

Positive Energy for the Future

By celebrating diversity and sharing our cultures through food, we have created a positive energy that will be reflected in our future work. This potluck was not only a celebration of deliciousness, but also a symbol of our commitment to inclusion and collaboration within La Maisonnée.

La Maisonnée’s festive potluck was much more than just a shared meal. It was a celebration of the diversity, friendliness and strength of our team. Through flavors and cultures, we strengthened our bonds and created precious memories. This event will remain engraved in our hearts as we continue to work together for a better future within La Maisonnée serving newcomers to Quebec.

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For more than 40 years, La Maisonnée has offered collective and individual services in terms of reception, installation and employment integration. Its objectives are to promote the social and professional integration of newcomers and to support them during all stages of their establishment in Quebec. This includes personalized support for immigration documents, inclusion and awareness of both the host society and newcomers on the advantages of living together and strengthening social ties through various projects and activities.

By Inès Bouteiller, Communications Manager