Discover Speed Jobbing

A Fast Path to Employment in Quebec!

29 November 2023

Discover Speed Jobbing

A unique opportunity for the professional integration of newcomers.
Speed Jobbing recently marked a significant milestone in the SAE program at the Maisonnée. This initiative brought together more than 200 enthusiastic participants and four leading companies in a series of lightning talks.
Inspired by the concept of "speed dating", Speed Jobbing offers a unique opportunity for job seekers to meet several employers in record time, generally a few minutes per interview. Designed specifically to allow candidates to briefly present their skills and experience, while allowing employers to quickly discover the candidates' potential. It’s an effective and direct way to remove potential barriers, foster professional connections and create employment opportunities.

Preparatory Workshop:

In anticipation of Speed Jobbing, we offered an exclusive workshop to prepare candidates. This bilingual workshop, offered in French and English, was designed to be more than just preparation – it was about the art of creating an impactful Elevator Pitch. The objective was clear: to allow participants to highlight their professional journey in a concise and impactful way in a few precious minutes of discussion.

Thus armed, candidates were able to not only participate in Speed Jobbing with confidence, but also derive maximum value from it, capitalizing on this unique professional experience to propel their careers to new heights.

Meeting with Companies:

  1. RBC – The World of Finance:

For those passionate about the financial field, RBC offered an exceptional opportunity to explore careers in the banking sector. Interviews with RBC representatives allowed participants to discover the various professional possibilities in the world of finance.

  1. Hypertech – Excellence in IT

Technology Enthusiasts had the opportunity to meet Hypertech, an innovative company specializing in information technology. These interviews provided participants with insight into the exciting opportunities in the IT sector.

  1. Bedard Resources – The Employer-Employee Link:

Bedard Resources offers an unrivaled opportunity to match employees and employers in various fields in Quebec, thus facilitating successful long-term placements.

  1. AIM – Various positions:

AIM has offered a diverse range of roles within the industrial sector, providing candidates with the opportunity to find the role that matches their skills and career aspirations.

Successful Results:

With 480 interviews completed, Speed Jobbing exceeded its objectives by providing concrete employment opportunities. By encouraging direct interactions between candidates and employers, the event greatly facilitated the creation of professional networks for participants. This approach allowed candidates to develop direct connections with industry professionals, thereby strengthening their job prospects and career opportunities.


“Discovering Speed Jobbing at La Maisonnée was a transformative experience for me. Thanks to this event, I had the unique opportunity to speak directly with employers, thus opening crucial doors for the development of my career in Quebec.”

For their part, the participating companies expressed their great satisfaction with this event and its organization. They believe that the candidates’ skills perfectly match their needs and that they are ready to enter the professional world. As a result, they have already identified potential candidates for future employment opportunities.

Next step :

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See you soon for new professional opportunities!