Relive the Montréal Mosaïque conference on November 2, 2023!

The flagship event for inclusion

23 November 2023

Relive the Montréal Mosaïque conference on November 2, 2023!

Montreal and more precisely Little Italy experienced at the beginning of November an event dedicated to inclusiveness and the efforts made to support living together in this colorful metropolis, highlighting in a very beautiful way the commitment of men and women. of women in this social project and at the same time encouraging more efforts for better socio-cultural integration.

Opening doors and welcoming guests

After careful preparation and around 8:15 a.m., the staff of La Maisonnée prepared to welcome the first guests and at 8:30 a.m. the doors of Casa D’Italia were opened and the first guests were warmly welcomed by the organizing committee.

Breakfast to share

Just after the opening, the event room filled with guests, panelists, partners of La Maisonnée staff, all these beautiful people were invited to a breakfast to properly approach the rest of this busy day .

Expert panelists at the meeting

Around 9:00 a.m. Mr Guy DRUDI and Mr Wadih KARAM launch the work of the conference with presentations from expert speakers in the field of immigration, inclusion and intercultural practices. The panelists took turns addressing the subject of inclusion, the challenges, the difficulties, the successes and the rest to be done in a model city of living together. After the coffee break, the audience took the floor to ask questions and debate the subject, which led to very interesting exchanges, sometimes divergent opinions, but always clarifications from the expert panelists.

Hot and hearty buffet

Around 12:45 p.m. a buffet was set up in honor of the guests, a generous dinner served, attentive glances towards the collaborative art painting created for the occasion and which is in the hands of the conference painter for finishing touches. . A moment of sharing, reunion and networking for all present.

Time for laughter and relaxation

After a brief speech by Mr Hameza OTHMAN, head of the reception and integration department at La Maisonnée, our guests listened to stories and other hilarious jokes from our comedians Neev, Sinem and Radi, another way of approaching inclusion and integration in Quebec in general and Montreal in particular.

After humor comes emotion!

The Montreal, mosaic conference of November 2, 2023 organized by La Maisonnée under the aegis of the city of Montreal and the Ministry of Immigration, Francization and Inclusion, is intended to be an event to raise awareness of the issue and the importance of working for inclusion. For this, the organizing committee wanted to highlight exemplary actions, projects and journeys. This is how testimonies from people selected for their commitment were symbolically awarded, whose journeys moved and inspired more than one.

Closing, souvenir photos and final surprise

Around 3:30 p.m. the day’s program comes to an end with the announcement of the host of the conference Mr Guy DRUDI the end of the work of the Montreal mosaic conference with a final surprise which is the artistic painting for the memory of this conference, a beautiful painting is presented by the artist explaining the meaning and symbolism of this piece of art to the applause of the audience. Souvenir photos for everyone as a souvenir of this memorable day.

This is how this conference ended, the staff of La Maisonnée greeted the last participants to leave the conference venue who officially lowered the curtain at 4:00 p.m. to the praise of a total success.

You can see some photos from the event in our photo gallery here.

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